We are obviously like-minded.

With our hybrid approach to all things travel, BoutiqueHomes has undisputedly pulled together an array of sophisticated and exciting possibilities into a single vacation rental site, one that celebrates the art of travel while catering to those who have the highest of standards for their holiday and travel experiences. A collection of stylish, modern and unique vacation rentals favors “quality over quantity”, because it’s not about square footage or fancy zip codes. Rather, we’re looking for stories, thoughtful design and personal touches. Something wonderful. This is the better way to travel.

Welcome to BoutiqueHomes.

We set a high standard. Then raise it.

BoutiqueHomes’ quality over quantity approach is what sets it apart, with a dedication to original design, dramatic locations and unique experiences for the traveler looking to book a vacation or holiday.

With a thrilling cache of properties, we definetely are a unique hybrid vacation rental site. A collection of magnificent destinations, by invitation only, fused with an illustrated travel guide, documenting unbeaten paths for modern-day nomads who “Travel by Design”.

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Vacation rentals available worldwide.

Somebody thought we're so good we deserved a book.

Architecture and design publisher Avedition approached us in 2016 “to create a book that sets the design standards for vacation rentals”.

The interactive book presents a curated collection of more than 60 uniquely designed boutique homes, brought by the founders and authors of the eponymous brand.

The composition of excellent architecture and design staged with stunning photography showcases an international “best of the best” selection, divided in the chapters: beach and cliff houses; architectural gems; chic and cheap; updated history; urban retreat; country living; emotional luxury; unplugged; cabins; and spaces for family and friends.

The book and complementary app is not only an exciting and glamorous source of inspiration. Each of the shown houses and apartments is also available for rent and can be experienced in all its glory.

The 300 pages hardcover book is also available to purchase online through Amazon, Cool Cities Media and of course our Marketplace.

Selected by Fodor’s Travel as part of their “Holiday Gift Guide 2017“ and featured in many prestigious publications such as RedDot, Dwell etc..

“Finally a website where my vacation home feels home.”

Nathalie Bourgogne, home owner.

Sometimes numbers can show love.

Since we launched our website in 2010, our growth has been exponential surpassing the number of 30,000 clients in our database this year.

And clients mean inquiries, up to 12,795 just last year. But what’s most important for us is their loyalty. And that’s also growing exponentially. Our newsletter subscriptions have been growing since we launched it, reaching 45,000 this year, with “opens”(20%) and “clicks”(4.8%) rates way above the industry according to Mailchimp.

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We have 30,000+ clients in our database, almost evenly splited between America and Europe.
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Yes we are social indeed.

They say people is the new media. And that is definetely our case. Because our best and only advertising is our client’s happiness and the way they share it. We have captured a growing niche clientele who won’t sift through thousands of listings on other sites to find a vacation property which lives up to their standards. They are sophisticated, stylish world travelers who appreciate style and good design. We’ve become their go-to destination, a comprehensive guide to vacation properties and they appreciate that we have done the leg work for them.

44K Instagram followers

As instagram is growing its audience, so is our profile with 31K+ followers and counting.

11K Facebook followers

Our Facebook profile has received 12K likes and is actually followed by 11,909 people.

2.7K Pinterest followers

Besides our 2.790 followers, we have 757.8K monthly average viewers (+17%) and 19,123 engaged (+17%).

85K Google unique results

When you look for “boutique-homes.com”, Google delivers 85,900 unique results showing our popularity online.
Our Google Analytic figures are indeed quite remarkable. Taking an average month as reference (February to March 2018), we have 64,100 Unique Visitors, 302,000 Page Views, an even more impressive 4:36 average time on site spent by our visitors and a 50.29% Bounce Rate, which is well below the industry.
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With 1,300 destinations in 27 countries, BoutiqueHomes is a worldwide community.

Where are our fans located.

Every year, BoutiqueHomes is visited by fans from all over the world. 139 countries to be more precise. As of today, our main fans audience is still concentrated in the united States (43.49%), being Europe the second main source of fans. By cities, our main fan sources comes from Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Seatlle, in the US. And United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy are te main countries where BoutiqueHomes fans come from.

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In the US our main cities are Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Seatlle.
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In Europe our main countries are United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy.

BoutiqueHomes website has visits from a total of 139 countries.

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